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General Questions

Why Yiassu.com ?

Because simply we are not like anything else you have experienced so far 🙂

We are an exciting and fast growing Shopping Market. With 20% weekly increase in worldwide page visitors and sales! 

Read all about Yiassu.com here. 

Where is your shop located?

Yiassu.com is an online shop and the orders fulfillment center is at Nicosia-Cyprus.

We maintain warehouses and offices but not for the public.

In case you need to contact us, you can do that as below:

Tel.: +357 22 388987

Email: hello@yiassu.com

Postal: Lakatamia P.O.Box 12027, Nicosia, Cyprus.

How can i pay for an order?

For all orders, the payments available are (1) REVOLUT (2) PAYPAL and (3) CREDIT CARDS (4) BANK TRANSFER

Note: We will never ask for any financial information, such as your bank account number, credit card numbers, or any other information related with financial data. Please do not disclose this personal information to nobody.

How much does the delivery cost?

Delivery costs are subject to the shipping country, as well as the order total weight.  You can see the delivery cost of your order, once you fill up you details (name + shipping address) at the checkout page.

We are obsessed with providing the lowest delivery rates for any country in the world but at the same time we are also obsessed in making sure you your order will be delivered to you! For that reason, all our deliveries are also covered by insurance. So, you either get your order OR you get your money back!

(We are collaborating with many postal / courier services. Some of them are Cyprus Post, EMS, GAP (Akis Express) and ACS).

How to track my order?

A tracking number is always emailed to the customer once the order is shipped so that customer can check and track the order/package until it’s delivered. Please make sure you check both in Inbox & Spam folders to find our email. To avoid having our emails going to your spam folder, please add  ‘hello@yiassu.com’ to your contacts address book.

Note: Please note that there are instances where a tracking number cannot be emailed to the customer. That is because the courier agent for a certain product/weight and/or for a certain country etc, cannot provide us with a tracking number since the airlines are not providing one. In these instances you do not need to worry if you do not receive an email with a tracking number. We will be the ones to follow up with your delivery (through our internal communication with the forwarding agent) and we will only close the order when we are certain that you received your product!

How do I register as a Buyer?

You can open an account and register as a Buyer at Yiassu.com, in two ways:

(1) Click the Buyers Login at the footer on any Yiassu.com pages.

(2) Upon placing an order, at the checkout page you will see the option to open an account as a Buyer.

Of course you can always browse our products and make your orders from Yiassu.com without registering or opening an account!

How do I login to my Buyers dashboard/account?

Click the Buyers Login at the footer Yiassu.com Home page.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Click the Buyers Login at the footer on any Yiassu.com page. Then follow the prompts for changing your password. You will need to enter the email address you used to register. We then will send you an email with instructions for resetting your password.

I receive a damaged box/product. What to do?

Upon receiving your order, always check and inspect the package in front of the courier / delivery agent BEFORE you accept it. Take photos of the package and if you notice any damages then report that to the delivery agent/post on the spot. We cannot entertained or refund products/orders been damaged from shipping/handling UNLESS they are reported to the courier/post agent upon receiving your order!

In addition, please read our Returns/Exchange Policy.

What is the Yiassu.com return policy?

We do accept Returns & Exchanges, only if products are left in original package and only if products are returned to us within 14 days after delivery. (Return address: Yiassu Shop Ltd, Lakatamia P.O.Box. 12027, Nicosia-Cyprus)

You can read all about our  Return Policy here.

How to Cancel an order?

Orders can be canceled only if are not yet shipped. To cancel an order, call (+357-22388987) or email (hello@yiassu.com) or message our shop at our social media accounts (IG & FB).

You can read all about our  Return Policy here.

Where will be my order be shipped to after i have paid for it online?

Cyprus customers: Upon making your order online, you will see that you have the option to choose for (a) delivery to your nearest courier office and (b) delivery to your home. If you chose the first option, then your order will be send to the nearest courier service at the shipping address you have provided on your order.

International Customers: All orders are shipped directly to the Shipping Address you have provided on your order. Unless your order will be needing customs inspection etc, at your country. In that case, then you will be getting a notification via post or message on mobile, to visit Post Office or Customs, for pick up.

Delivery Notification:

For domestic (Cyprus) orders: Products are shipped by using local courier service(s). Once the order is shipped, an email is sent to customer with the tracking code, to follow up with the delivery. If customer have chosen “Home Delivery”, the package will be delivered directly to the Shipping Address the customer have indicated in  the order. If customer have chosen “Pick Up From Nearest Courier Service” then the courier service will notify customer with a message (sms and/or Viber message) to visit and collect the order once it arrives a the courier office. Customer then will have 10 days allowance to visit and collect. In case the package/order will not be collected in time, it will be returned back to Yiassu.com. Subsequent delivery to customer will have an extra cost and it will be burden by the customer.

For International orders: Products are shipped by using air post. Once the order is shipped, an email is sent to customer with the tracking code, to follow up with the delivery. Once products arrived at customers country, they will be then delivered directly to customers address (if its a small package) or they will be delivered to the nearest post office and customer will be notified by a message or a paper notification at the mail to visit the post office and collect.

Are all the products i see online at Yiassu.com, available?

Yes, all products you see online at Yiassu.com, are available.

If a product availability will unexpectedly run out, then we will contact you and provide a full refund.


On each product page, you will be able to see the availability status; meaning if the product is “In-Stock” or “On-Backorder”. At the same time, you will be able to see the “Delivery time” for each product availability status.

“In-Stock”: Products that are readily available to be shipped once ordered.

“On Backorder”: Products will be shipped and delivered in 10-15 days after ordering (subject to the shipping country you provided).

Are the products CE approved?

Yes, all products you see online at Yiassu.com, are CE approved, which means they carry the CE mark for authorized and safe selling in European Union.

What are the electrical products specifications?

All electrical products you see online at Yiassu.com, are specified and authorized to be used within European Union. Meaning, the electrical specifications are: Volts 220-240V. If you are ordering an electrical product for a country that uses a different electrical supply voltage, then please note that you will need a transformer to alternate the voltage before using it.

Data Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

You can read all about our Privacy Policy here: Link for Yiassu.com Privacy Policy.

Selling at Yiassu.com

How do I register as a Vendor?

Click on the “Sell on Yiassu” link on the upper left corner of any page in Yiassu.com. 

How does selling on Yiassu.com work?

Selling on Yiassu.com is very easy and you can start with just a few clicks. Just visit the “Sell On Yiassu” link at the top left corner on any Yiassu.com page, follow the prompts, add your details, get approved and start selling!

Yiassu.com Vendors membership fee ranges from 0.80 or 5euro (subject to the membership you will chose).

Yiassu.com commission for any products sold by a Vendor, is a flat 20%+0.60euro.

All the above information, on Yiassu.com Vendors membership fees etc, are available in the “Knowledge Base” within each Vendors Yiassu account dashboard and can be access at any time, once Vendors registered/login to Yiassu.com.

Selling at Yiassu:

Vendors get notified by an instant email and a notification at Yiassu dashboard, once an order is placed. Vendors then need to pack and deliver to the customer. The most important factor on this process, is the delivery time. Vendors have to deliver orders as follow:

Cyprus orders: in 2 days (for “in stock” items) and 10-15 days (for “backorder” items). International order: In 10-15 work days (for “in stock” items) and 15-20 days (for “backorder” items)

Important Notes: Delivery fees for each product being sold on Yiassu.com, is being calculated automatically subject to the product(s) weight and country of shipment. This delivery fee is already set, hence Vendors need not to add on the product prices any additional delivery fees. To see the pre-set delivery fees, Vendors need to visit their Yiassu dashboard.


Products on Yiassu are all inclusive of 19% VAT. Therefore Vendors need to add product prices that are inclusive of VAT. VAT is collected by Yiassu.com.


For all orders, the payments available are (1) REVOLUT (2) PAYPAL and (3) CREDIT CARDS (4) BANK TRANSFER. Payments are collected by Yiassu.com and after each Vendor successfully delivers the order to the Customer(s), Yiassu.com pays the Vendor within max 15 days via PayPal or Revolut transfer.

The default currency used by Yiassu.com Shop is ‘Euro’ therefore money transfers/payments to Vendors will be in Euro. If a Vendors PayPal or Revolut account is in different currency, Vendors will be burden the possible conversion charge.

Please contact us (email at: hello@yiassu.com OR call at: +357 22388987) for any further clarifications that you may need.

What items can I sell on Yiassu.com?

You can sell anything on Yiassu!

Bare in mind though that each product undergoes a manual approval from our side and it starts after a product is being uploaded by the Seller. Products are approved and/or rejected depending on many factors: condition, relevance, competitiveness, etc.

What countries does Yiassu.com operate in?

Yiassu.com supports products to be sold worldwide! Our standard shipping fees can be seen in the “Knowledge Base”, which can be accessed through each sellers dashboard. These shipping fees are pre-set at Yiassu.com; meaning for each product a customers chooses, based on the shipping country and product weight, the shipping fee will be automatically added to the total cost at the checkout page.

Shipping Costs are explain and detailed in the Buyers Terms And Conditions.

How much do I need to pay to list my products on Yiassu.com?

Yiassu.com offers multiple Vendors Memberships depending on how many products you want to publish. Each membership comes with certain allowances, so review and pick the one that suits you best.

Do customers buy low priced products on Yiassu.com?

Yes, customers love low priced value products and have sold in high numbers on Yiassu.com. They do love frequent discounts and festive product promotions as well.

I already have an account with Yiassu.com, do I need to register again to sell?

A Yiassu.com Vendors account only works for a Vendors account. Only customers with a Vendors account can sell on Yiassu.com.

A Buyers account only works for a Buyers account. Customers with a Buyers account cannot sell. What a Buyers account offers, is a dashboard where Buyers/customers tickets+orders are logged in for easy reference. 

How do I login to my Vendor account?

Click the “Vendors Dashboard” link located on the top left corner at any of Yiassu.com pages OR use the “Vendor Login” link located at the footer of each Yiassu.com page! Both links will direct you to the Vendors registration page!

How do I review my live products listings?

Login to your account, head to your dashboard and click on the “products”. More details on how to handle and operate your dashboard will be provided in detail in the “knowledge” center inside the dashboard.

Can I list a used item?

Yes you can, we are now accepting used items for sale and we will create new categories for them soon so our customers are perfectly aware of the condition of the products they are buying.

How many products can I list?

Refer to our Membership plans for the amount of products the Sellers can list per each membership plan.

I don't have images of my products, what do I do?

You are not allowed to post any product with more than 5 photos.

Photos need to be in PNG format, 800×800 in size and be clear and focused on the product from various angles.

Yiassu.com pays extreme emphasis in photography. This is because buyers will not buy your product unless they can view it clearly. So, in order to protect you and help you sell your products, Yiassu.com will not allow products with more than 5no high definition photos to be posted.

Yiassu.com reviews all the products and pictures before anything is posted online to the public. Any pictures found not complying to the above, will be removed and the products will be removed until the Vendors uploads sufficient and quality photos.

Yiassu.com offers professional photography as a premium service. Please contact us via hello@yiassu.com or at +357-22388987 so we can arrange the time and date to photo shoot your products.

Note: Understand that having professional pictures of your products is to your own advantage! Products with the most and clearest pictures in Yiassu.com, sell 77% more than any other product with less quality and quantity photos. 

How can I get more visibility for my listing?

You can get more visibility of any product (and sell a lot more) by adding it them to Yiassu.com FEATURED listings. Vendors products shown in our FEATURED listings receive 80% more orders! For more information on Yiassu Featured Listings please get in touch via emailing us at Hello@yiassu.com.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Click the Vendors link on the upper left corner at any page of Yiassu.com, then click “Forgot your password?” and enter the email address you used to register. You will then receive an automated email with instructions for resetting your password.

How do I classify the condition of my item?

At Yiassu.com you can sell NEW and USED products.

We just started selling USED products at Yiassu.com,  but Vendors need to specifically at to each USED product description a clear reference that product is second hand!

If there is NO description in any product page that is USED, then customers consider it to be NEW, so is imperative Vendors to explicit mention the USED in the product description!

Products can be classified NEW or USED as follows:

USED products: Products that are either used before or taken out of the original package.

NEW products: Products that have never been used by anyone and have never been removed outside of the original package.

Which language can I use to list my item?

You can list your items only in English language at the moment.

Can I list a bulky item?

You can list any item/ product you want as long as you can deliver it to your customer once they order it.

The shipping rates are determined by Vendors/Sellers, so you can set your rates to accommodate any product weight to any country you want.

Can I set my own shipping rates (cost/weight/country)?

Yes you can!

Shipping rates at Yiassu.com are already preset and you can see these rates at the Knowledge Base after logging to your dashboard.

If now you want to se your own Shipping Rates,  then you should email us your shipping rates, meaning to tell us the cost you want to charge for each product you sell at Yiassu.com, per weight per country!

For example:

European countries

0-5 kg: 5euro

5-15 kg: 10euro

Non European Countries

0-5 kg: 10euro

5-15 kg: 15euro

Then we will add these rates under your profile and once a customer adds one of your products in the Cart, your own shipping rate will appear.

I have too many products to list manually one by one, what do I do?

If you need help listing your products in Yiassu.com, please contact us (hello@yiassu.com) and we will review your request. If approved, we can help listing your products.

How do I remove my listing temporarily?

You can remove any of your products temporarily by denoting the products “out of stock”. Just logging in to the account, and then to your products page. Click on the product you want to temporarily disable and change the stock to “0”.

If a product is already sold/ purchased by a customer, then you cannot revert/change that. You should then deliver it to the customer.

Note: You should NOT delete a product listing, ever.

How do I know when a customer places an order of one of my products?

You will receive an email once any of your items/products is sold.

Any new order will also reflect in your Yiassu.com account dashboard, under the “orders”. By being a Vendor, it is imperative you have direct and constant access to your emails.

In case you will not have access to your email, hence not being able to see your incoming orders, for any reason and for any duration of more than 3 days (excluding holidays), you need to ensure you update your shop by placing it on “Vacation” mode. In this way, all your products will NOT be able to be purchased by anyone since the “Vecation” mode simply disables the purchase of any of the products in your store.

Note: By placing your shop on Yiassu, on “Vacation”, means that all your products will not be active for sell. They will be visible BUT customers will not be able to buy/pay them. Therefore, do place your shop on “Vacation” ONLY if is important for you to be away and ONLY if you cannot fulfill incoming orders for more than 3 days.

Can I put my Shop contact details in the package of the order?

No you cannot. and the reason for this is avoid confusions!

Customers buy products from Yiassu.com and as a company we are only liaising with the customers for any sort of communication on exchanges / refunds / cancellations etc. Therefore, customers should not get confused on who to contact in case of needing to communicate something about the order.

In addition, upon a Vendor being approved to sell at Yiassu.com, we provide you immediately with our shops (Yiassu.com) marketing materials so that they you will include them in each of your received orders, prior delivering them to the customers.

Who pays for shipping?

Customers pay for shipping for any products being sold at Yiassu.

The Shipping/delivery fee is then automatically calculated at the Checkout page, depending on customers order total weight and country of shipment.

For Shipping Rates details, please the paragraph up above “Can i set my own shipping rates?”

Why is important to frequently check my products stock and update it in my account?

If Vendors sell products for which you have no stock and cannot source them, hence you cannot deliver to customers on time, Yiassu reserves the right to suspend the Vendors account on Yiassu.

It is imperative that Vendors constantly check their emails for “new order” and at same time check products available in stock. You/we do not want to keep the customers waiting OR allowing the customers to purchase products for which you have no stock and cannot source.

In How many days I need to deliver my products to the customers?

Standard delivery time for IN STOCK products, is 2 days for domestic (Cyprus) deliveries and 10 days for any other country. Standard delivery time for BACKORDER products, is 10 days for domestic (Cyprus) deliveries and 15-20 days for any other country.

If you want to set estimated delivery timings for your products, you need to make it clear for the customers. You can add the expected delivery timing, at your profile description. An example is Yiassu Home Vendor; they have mentioned delivery timings for Cyprus and International orders.

What is Yiassu.com order commission?

Yiassu.com current standard commission for all products being sold at Yiassu, is a standard fixed rate of 20% (on net product value) + 0.6euro. Net price is the price without the VAT and Shipping Fee. (Vat tax is always collected by Yiassu.com and Shipping fee is always collected by Vendors).

Example: say a vendor receives an order for a product priced at 20 euro:

  • Product cost being sold= 20 euro
  • 19% VAT (the vat is included in the price, always) can be calculated by:  20 x (19/119) = 3.19


Yiassu.com commission fee will be the =  (Net Product cost) x (20%) + 0.60 euro + VAT.  = (20 – tax 19%) x 20% + 0.6euro + 3.19 =  = (20 – 3.19) x 20% + 0.6 + 3.19= 7.15

& Vendors commission will be =  Total sale price – Yiassu.com com. fee = 20 euro – 7.15 euro = 12.85 euro

Note: please note that the Shipping fee is never mentioned because it is always passed on to the vendors as part of their commission since Vendors always ship the product/order to customers.

Also please note the importance of Vendors adding the 19% VAT for all products listed yiassu.com, within the posted price! Yiassu.com always assumes a 19% vat tax being included in the posted price and this TAX as seen in above example, is always withheld by Yiassu.com and paid to local authorities.

How do I get paid for sales done at Yiassu.com?

For all orders, customers can pay via the following ways at Yiassu.com: (1) REVOLUT (2) PAYPAL and (3) CREDIT CARD (4) BANK TRANSFER.

After a customers pays for an order, Vendors can get paid, 15 days AFTER they successful deliver the order to customer.

Therefore, upon a successful delivery of any of your orders: vendors should visit Yiassu.com dashboard and mark the order as “completed”. This is very important to be done be the Vendors, so that they receive the payment.


The default currency used by Yiassu.com Shop is ‘Euro’ therefore money transfers/payments to Sellers will be in Euro.

Can i synchronise products uploaded at Yiassu.com, to my Facebook Business page?

Yes you can!

Once you open a Vendor Account at Yiassu.com and visit your Dashboard, you will see a tab named “Facebook For Marketplace”. You can click on that and follow the instructions. Once done, all the products you have on Yiassu.com will be synchronized to your Facebook Business page! By achieving you can have your customers viewing all the products at your Facebook Business page as well! And if they choose to read more about a product or purchase it, they can click on it on Facebook and be directed to your Yiassu.com Shop in an instant! How cool is that? Flowless shopping with no trouble and too many messages between you and your customers! All online, quick and easy!

Have more Questions?

You may email or call at:
Email: hello@yiassu.com
Telephone: +357 22388987