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(Buyers and Sellers are requested to review, read and get familiar also with the SELLERS & BUYERS TERMS AND CONDITIONS, FAQ and also the RETURN & EXCHANGE POLICY. All are extremely important in order to understand how and what is important for Yiassu.com operation.)


Why Yiassu.com Shop?

Because we are the fastest growing Shopping Market! With 20% weekly increase in worldwide page visitors and Vendors/Sellers being weekly evaluated to be be registered at Yiassu.com, yes we can easily say Yiassu.com is constantly growing!

With a user-friendly e-shop, a phone number where you can actually call, a 24 hours customers service and real discounted Daily Deals(!!), we are a modern and very fast option for a wide range of unique products at a low cost. We at Yiassu.com focused on simplicity; authenticity and uniqueness and we are committed to provide the best product deals for our customers. You can order anything, with just a few clicks. Our state of the art website has unique features that ensure the experience of our customers will be one of a kind and will remain memorable! Click the link to know more About Yiassu.

Last but not least, we would like to let you know that for every item sold at Yiassu.com, we DONATE a part of the money! Yes, we do care so do we donate!

How do I pay?

We will never ask for any financial information, such as your bank account number, credit card numbers, or any other information related with financial data. Please do not disclose this personal information to nobody.

For customers from Cyprus, the  payments available is PayPal + Major Credit Cards + Cash On Delivery (COD). In near future COD will be withdrawn as an option to buy anything from Yiassu.com. Reason being the feedback we receive from our Customers which they prefer to pay in advance (by PayPal or Credit Card) for their purchases and not have to worry paying in cash…upon delivery.

For customers with a shipping destination/country any other than Cyprus, we offer only PayPal + Major Credit Cards payment.

Delivery Cost?

We are obsessed with providing the lowest products prices with the best delivery rates anywhere possible! We are collaborating with Cyprus Post, GAP (Akis Express) and ACS and have obtained the best delivery rates for all Cyprus and International destinations. That being said, here’s our delivery options and charges:

Delivery options & charges:

  • Collection from a Yiassu.com physical shop (the physical shop is currently only available in Cyprus) – Free
  • Delivery, for Cyprus, using *ACS Courier Services – Variable fee, calculated at the Cart page (depends from the total order weight).
  • Delivery, for remaining countries, using EMS Post Services  – Variable fee (this delivery fee is variable and depends from the customers country and the product weight. The delivery fee is clearly visible at the checkout page, once the customer chooses the product and enter the shipping country.)

* Note we will substitute our own delivery personnel or ACS depending upon circumstances.

Cyprus orders: We guarantee deliver of any order, within 2 working days (except if noted otherwise in any product description). International orders: We guarantee deliver of any order, within 7 working days (except if noted otherwise in any product description). We do not deliver on Weekends and Public holidays.

We will make every effort to dispatch your product within 12 hours. Working days are Monday to Saturday, excluding any public holidays in Cyprus.

Logically, we cannot take responsibility for order, dispatch and delivery delays outside our liabilities or for delays that occur as a result of Acts of God (like fire, flood, earthquake, storm, or other natural disaster), war, invasion, civil war, rebellion, riot, terrorist activities, blockage, embargo, labour dispute, strike, lockout or interruption or failure of electricity or telephone service or delays caused by EMS or Cyprus Post or GAP Akis Express Ltd os ACS.


How do I register as a Buyer?

Click the Buyers Login at the footer on any Yiassu.com pages. With a few more clicks you can become a Yiassu.com Buyer!

Alternatively, you will always be given the option to register during the checkout process once you decide to buy something from us. Of course you can always use and buy from Yiassu.com without registering.


How do I login to my Buyers dashboard/account?

Click the Sellers Dashboard at the top left side of Yiassu.com Home page.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Click the Buyers Login at the footer on any Yiassu.com page. Then follow the prompts for changing your password. You will need to enter the email address you used to register. We then will send you an email with instructions for resetting your password.

How We Use Your Data

Data privacy

We are committed to protect your personal data. We fully respect your right to privacy and we take all possible means to keep your personal information secure. Our site is equipped with an Encryption Certificate (SSL). On top of that, we use the latest anti-spam and anti-virus software. Rest assure, with Yiassu.com your data are protected and secured. We keep no other private data of our customers, except email/phone number/name and we use them only to customize our products and ads to suit customer’s interest. We might share you private data with Google & Social Platforms, in order to customize your experience at Yiassu.com. We do not keep or collect or monitor any of your passwords at Yiassu.com. We only can, upon request, reset your password. All financial transactions at Yiassu.com are secured / encrypted. We do not store any credit card numbers whatsoever.

You may read more about more Privacy Policy here.


What is the Yiassu.com return policy?

Yiassu.com can and will compensate every buyer that receive a faulty or damaged or not new product. All you need to do it is to report the problem maximum within 2 days after delivery, and return the product by register post to Yiassu.com shop. Our address is: 40C, Theodosi Pieridi, 2480, Tseri, Nicosia, Cyprus. We will then examine the product and accordingly you will be offered a refund or an exchange with an equally same product or discount Coupons for any other purchase.


How does selling on Yiassu.com work?

Selling on Yiassu.com is very easy and you can start with just a few clicks. Just visit the “Sell On Yiassu” link at the top left corner on any Yiassu.com page, follow the prompts, add your details, get approved and start selling!
Yiassu.com charges a flat payment fee of 0.80 or 5euro euro for a Sellers registration, per 6 months. The flat fee is applied so that we can ensure only legitimate Vendors/Sellers with pure intentions are registered!

Yiassu.com commission for any products sold by Sellers, is a flat 20% + 0.60euro. Sellers should take that into account prior pricing their products on Yiassu.com.

All the above information and more, on how Yiassu.com operates etc, are available in the “Knowledge Base” within each Sellers account dashboard and can be access at any time, once Sellers registered/login to Yiassu.com.

Selling within Cyprus market:

Sellers need to dispatch all and any product they intend to sell in the Cyprus market, to Yiassu.com store shop in Nicosia. Yiassu.com handles ALL product fulfillment’s for Cyprus market. From products packaging to products delivery. Yiassu.com shipping fee for all products is always being charged to customers. Hence Sellers need not to take into consideration the delivery/shipping charge into their prices. It’s extra and over and above the product price and is calculated automatically at the Cart & Checkout pages.  prices.

Once an order is received for Cyprus, Yiassu.com will be responsible for packaging and delivering the product(s). Upon payment being received, Yiassu.com will be dispatching payments to the Sellers, via Paypal OR by cash payment (if Seller prefers that)

Selling for International markets (any other Country other than Cyprus):

International Sellers (outside of Cyprus) need to take over their own packaging and delivering of any products orders. Sellers to note that our policy for delivering to International Markets is 7-10 days maximum. If sellers will have a lengthier Delivery frame…then they need to explicitly mention it on each product description.  Failure to deliver any of the products within that the specified Delivery time frame, will be investigated by Yiassu.com and might possibly lead to the Sellers account cancellation. Payments received for international orders, are ending up at Yiassu.com neutral PayPal account. Yiassu.com pays the sellers via a PayPal transfer, ONLY once Sellers deliver the products to their customers. This is done in order to protect our customers; hence to ensure the products are delivered! Sellers, via their dashboard within Yiassu.com website, can mark the products being delivered/completed. We then from Yiassu.com side will be verifying that with the customer(s) and then only initiating the payment to the Seller.

In addition, either the Seller sells in Cyprus or any other country, Seller is prompt to consider the VAT per the Sellers country regulations. Meaning Sellers should include in their prices any VAT they will deemed to pay to their local authorities. Yiassu.com published prices are all inclusive, we do not display VAT in separate for our Vendors products. From our side, for our owned products, we display the VAT which we collect and pay to our registered country local authorities.

Please contact us ([email protected] OR +357 22388987) for any further clarifications that you may require.

Selling on Yiassu.com.com is very easy, here we are explaining the main requirements needed from your side:

  1. Internet connection: Nothing special here, you need to be connected to the internet to manage your selling account.
  2. Seller account: That’s obvious, you need to have a seller account in order to sell on Yiassu.com.com
  3. Products: You need to have something to sell, don’t you? Make sure that your products are brand new because we currently don’t allow used items for selling on Yiassu.com.com.
  4. Verified email address: We require that you verify your email address in order to start listing your products, as we will communicate all your account’s information on it.
  5. PayPal & Bank account: You need a valid PayPal and bank account so you can get paid for the products you sell on Yiassu.com.

What items can I sell on Yiassu.com?

You can sell any products you want that fall under the categories found at Yiassu.com front page. If you would like to list an item in a category which you do not see on this directory then send your inquiry to [email protected]

ONLY new products are accepted to be sold at Yiassu.com

What countries does Yiassu.com operate in?

Yiassu.com supports products to be sold worldwide! Our standard shipping fees can be seen in the “Knowledge Base”, which can be accessed through each sellers dashboard. These shipping fees are pre-set at Yiassu.com; meaning for each product a customers chooses, based on the shipping country and product weight, the shipping fee will be automatically added to the total cost at the checkout page.

Shipping Costs are explain and detailed in the Buyers Terms And Conditions.

Sellers need to take all above into account and then only price their products accordingly when posting them at Yiassu.com.

How much do I need to pay to list my products on Yiassu.com?

Yiassu.com imposes a flat fee of 0.80/5 euro per Seller registration, per 6 months. After that, the Seller is free to use Yiassu.com Sellers Dashboard, build a shop with a name-logo etc, and post up to 50nos or 100 products, depending from the chosen Membership type. 

Do customers buy low priced products on Yiassu.com?

Yes, customers love low priced value products and have sold in high numbers on Yiassu.com. They do love frequent discounts and festive product promotions as well.


How do I register?

Click on the “Sell on Yiassu” link on the upper left corner of any page in Yiassu.com. With a few more clicks you can become a Yiassu.com Seller!

I already have an account with Yiassu.com, do I need to register again to sell?

A Yiassu.com Seller account only works for a Seller account. Only customers with Seller account can sell on Yiassu.com.

A Buyers account only works for a Buyers account. Customers with a Buyers account cannot sell. What a Buyers account offers, is the opportunity for customers to receive better prices on all products and also receive email notification for special discounts and coupons!


How do I login?

Click the “Sellers Dashboard” link located on the top left corner at any of Yiassu.com pages OR use the “Sellers Login” link located at the footer of each Yiassu.com page! Both links will direct you to the Sellers registration page!

How do I review my live products listings?

Login to your account, head to your dashboard and click on the “products”. More details on how to handle and operate your dashboard will be provided in detail in the “knowledge” center inside the dashboard.

Can I list an item under pre-order?

NO. Yiassu.com does not accept pre- orders. Your product must be in stock in order to be listed.

Can I list a used item?

No, you cannot sell used items in Yiassu.com.

How many products can I list?

Refer to our Membership plans for the amount of products the Sellers can list per each membership plan.

I don't have images of my products, what do I do?

You are not allowed to post any product with less than 5 photos. Photos need to have plain color background, be of high definition and capture the product from a close distance, from all angles.

Yiassu.com pays extreme emphasis in photography. This is because buyers will not buy your product unless they can view it clearly. So, in order to protect you and help you sell your products, Yiassu.com will not allow products with less than 5no high definition photos to be posted.

All product photos should: (i) be maximum 150 bytes each in size, (ii) have a plain color background (iii) be clear, not blurred and taken with sufficient lighting so that the product is clearly visible (iv) taken at a close distance to the product (v) taken from all the sides of the product, therefore providing a clear and concise picture to the buyer.     “A picture’s worth a thousand words” once a wise man said and its true!

Yiassu.com reviews all the products and pictures, before anything is posted to the shop. Any pictures found not complying to the above, will be removed and the products for sale will be removed till Seller uploads photos as described above. So please pay attention on all the products pictures. Yiassu.com offers professional photography as a premium service. Please contact us ([email protected]) so we can arrange the time and date to photo shoot your products.

Understand that having professional pictures of your products is to your own advantage! Products with the most and clearest pictures in Yiassu.com, sell 77% more than any other product with less quality and quantity photos. So, trust us on this one and get in touch if you want to arrange a photography session.

How can I get more visibility for my listing?

You can get more visibility of any product (and sell a lot more) by adding it them to Yiassu.com Premium Listings (“Yiassu Pick Of The Week”). This section at our online shop is the most visited by our customers. Sellers havign products listed their, receive 80% more orders. More information on Yiassu Premium Listings are provided at the “Knowledge Base” at Sellers private dashboards.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Click the Sellers link on the upper left corner at any page of Yiassu.com, then click “Forgot your password?” and enter the email address you used to register. We will send you an email with instructions for resetting your password.

How do I classify the condition of my item?

You can sell only NEW items at Yiassu.com. Therefore, there are no classification of items. NO used products are allowed to be sold in Yiassu.com. (A used product is something that was NEVER used or taken out of the original box.)

Which language can I use to list my item?

You can list your items only in English language at the moment.

Can I list a bulky item?

You can list any courier-able items weighing maximum up to 20 kilograms. Remember, the shipping cost for Cyprus and International destinations, is already pre-determined at Yiassu.com and it’s automatically added to the product cost at the checkout page. (the predetermined fees can be found at the “Knowledge Base” within each sellers Dashboard). Therefore, Sellers are being urged to take a look at these predetermined fees, adjust their product prices accordingly and only then post the at Yiassu.com.

The reason Yiassu.com took this initiative to predetermined the delivering fees/cost, is to ensure that Sellers have always the budget to deliver anything they sell. By not including the delivery fee in the product prices (as many other shops do), we ensure that customers clearly see the delivery fee they pay and secondly we ensure that our Sellers have already a budget for the delivery (meaning the customers already paid them as specific fee for the delivery). That is the reason why Sellers should head to the “Knowledge Base: in their Dashboard and review these fees. If these predetermined fees are not covering their shipping cost, then they might need to add (or maybe deduct) to their product prices.

I have too many products to list manually one by one, what do I do?

If you need help listing your products in Yiassu.com, please contact us ([email protected]) and we will review your request. If approved, we can help listing your products.

How do I remove my listing temporarily?

You can remove the items temporarily by logging in to the account, and then to your products page. Click on the product you want to disable and mark it as DRAFT. If a product is already sold/ purchased by a customer, then you cannot revert/change that. You should then deliver it to the customer.


How do I know when a customer places an order of one of my products?

You will receive an email once any of your items/products is sold. Any new order will also reflect in your Yiassu.com account dashboard, under the “orders”. Being a Seller, it is imperative you have direct and constant access to your emails. In case you will not have access to your email, hence not being able to see your orders etc, for any reason and for any duration of more than 1 day (excluding holidays), you need to ensure you update your shop information with a note (“Vacation Note”). Customers should know that you are away.

As described elsewhere, Yiassu.com is responsible for shipping Sellers products to the Cyprus Market, hence Yiassu.com is responsible for the 2 days Cyprus Delivery deadline to be achieved! For International orders though that Sellers are responsible for the Deliveries… Yiassu.com will monitor each and every product  delivery period. It should be maximum 7 days from the Product order OR as the Seller explicitly described in the product description! Sellers failing to deliver as above will be contacted by Yiassu.com in order to discuss the Sellers Delivery Improvement! If Seller will continue to Deliver late… Yiassu.com will be suspending Sellers products.

Can I put my contact details in the package so that customers can contact me?

For international Sellers/Vendors, that ship their products directly to the customers: Sharing of personal contact information is not permitted and is against Yiassu.com policies. Doing so will force Yiassu.com to terminate your account.

Who pays for shipping?

Customers pay for shipping for ANY products being sold in ANY country. Therefore Sellers need not to assume or add any delivery fees to their prices.

The Shipping/delivery fee is automatically calculated at the Cart & Checkout page, depending on customers order weight and country of shipment.

Why is important to frequently check my products stock and update it in my account?

If you post and sell products for which you have no stock available, you will be penalized by being back charged of the cost it will take for Yiassu.com to return the money to the buyer via PayPal or credit/debit card. Note: it is imperative that you constantly check your email for “new order” and at same time check your products available stock. You do not want to keep the customers waiting OR allowing the customers to purchase products for which you have no stock.

In How many days I need to deliver my products to the customers?

Yiassu shop does all the products fulfillment (packaging and delivering). Hence you don’t have to worry for when and how you deliver. As explained elsewhere, when you sell at Yiassu, you will need to deliver to Yiassu Shop the products you intent o that when Yiassu Shop receives an order, the products are packed and deliver by our team.


How do I get paid?

Sellers get paid within 7-15 days after they delivery of the product(s) to the customers.

For Cyprus deliveries: Since Yiassu.com performs all fulfillment’s (all products deliveries), once Yiassu.com delivers a products and gets paid, will be transferring/paying the Seller within 7-15 days via PayPal OR in-cash, as per the Seller preferred method of payment (Sellers can set their preferred method of payment in their account dashboards.. Seller should not worried for any PayPal money transfer fess. All/any commission transferred fees will be burden by Yiassu.com.

For International deliveries: Payments for international orders are summoned on Yiassu.com PayPal neutral account. Upon Sellers verifying delivery of the products (Sellers can verify delivery by ticking the order as “delivered” within their dashboard at Yiassu.com), Yiassu.com will be dispatching payments to the Sellers, via PayPal, within 7-15 days.

Yiassu.com will be paying the Sellers, the FULL amount of all products sold and delivered, minus the standard commission that Yiassu.com charges. No further PayPal transfer fees etc etc will be deducted.  Sellers can have a clear picture and a breakdown of all the products being sold and the commissions etc etc at their private Yiassu.com dashboard.

You as a Seller need not to forget that for international orders for each product you deliver to each specific customer, you will have to visit you Yiassu.com product page in your dashboard and add the remarks as “delivered” at each product page. By doing that, Yiassu.com and your customers as well, will receive an email stating that the product is now been delivered to the Customer. Once Yiassu.com will receive that email, will contact the Customer to verify the delivery. Upon this verification, Yiassu.com will then be dispatching payment within 70-15 days.

Having said the above, Sellers will not need to fill up any form to get paid or email Yiassu.com etc. Yiassu.com employs additional staff for following up and confirming product deliveries and then paying Sellers on time.

You have more Questions?

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

You may email us or Call as at:
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +357 22388987

Sell on Yiassu and reach 1,000’s of buyers daily!