About Yiassu.com

About Yiassu.com

Our job is to connect people and products – opening up a world of endless possibilities!

Yiassu.com brings a new way on how Shopping should be done. Safe and secure, with fun, trustworthy and uninterrupted customer service before and after purchase!

Yiassu.com is a Marketplace, where you can find amazing products being sold by legitimate Vendors who we thoroughly audited and approved prior allowing them to sell at our platform.

Communications, disputes, contacts, resolutions etc, are all handled by our Company (Yiassu.com Ltd), so whenever you buy something from our website rest assure you are always secured and always attended, not matter from which of our vendors you make the purchase.

Our shop is transparent and ‘personal’, not hidden behind automation’s and auto-responding communication, so when you shop online with Yiassu.com:

  1. You know our Company and you know how to contact us.
  2. You understand what you are buying.
  3. You know and control what and how you will pay.
  4. It’s clearly mentioned and there’s a commitment on when you will receive your order.
  5. You know your options for refunds and returns.
  6. Products and deliveries are all covered by guaranty & receiving insurance.
  7. You get after sales service.
  8. You have evidence of what you bought and our communication, since everything is done on our platform and copies are available to you.
  9. There is a way to complain and contact us.
  10. You information are safe and secure.
  11. Your privacy is our first priority and so we protect it.

about yiassu shop online marketplace Cyprus

Transparent & Personal Shopping

Safe Secure Protected Shopping

yiassu shop tools provided to vendors to sell fast safe and with profit

Feel Safe, contact us 24/7

Yiassu.com is the marketplace for useful, unique, quality and competitive goods. It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, from unique handcrafted pieces to useful treasures. For the Family, the House and much more!


In a time of increasing automation, we made it our mission to keep human connection at the heart of commerce! That’s why we built a place where human interaction thrives because it’s powered by people! You can reach Yiassu.com by email or phone or messaging us through our social media accounts.

How Yiassu.com Works?

Our marketplace is a vibrant community of real people connecting over useful products! The platform empowers Vendors to do what they love and helps buyers find what they love.

For people wanting to buy from Yiassu.com, is as easy as it gets! Just find what you want, add them to your Cart and then click on ‘Checkout’. Fill in your details and make the order! Our Vendor will receive your order and we will audit the order and the delivery until its deliver to you! Communication before and after sales, disputes, resolutions, complains, are all handled by our company, so you are always safe and secure!

For Vendors, we can help you turn your ideas and products collections into successful businesses. Our platform connects you with so many buyers looking for an alternative, special, unique, competitive and above all useful products. You can start selling to many by as little as 0,80 euro per registration!

shop at yiassu shop online marketplace cyprus

Shop at Yiassu.com

sell at yiassu shop online marketplace cyprus

Sell at Yiassu.com

yiassu shop tools provided to vendors to sell fast safe and with profit

Our Platform connects real people over useful products

What we offer at Yiassu.com:

  • Immediate communication, whenever is needed.
  • Unbeatable 24h customer support from humans and not bots!
  • BEST delivery rates!
  • You may shop as a ‘Guest’ (without registering to Yiassu.com) or you may choose to open up a ‘Buyers’ account.
  • If you choose to open a ‘Buyers’ (customer) account with us, then you can have access to a unique dashboard where all your purchases are logged in and from where you can update your personal information, raise questions about products etc.
  • Superb and unique products, with promotional prices, just for you! (promotional prices for registered users are provided after contacting us).
  • Privileged support on queries and orders delivery.
  • and much… much more!

Yiassu Marketplace ~ The place where you can buy anything anytime anywhere!


Yiassu.com is a Marketplace, so each Vendor has it’s own Shipping and therefore Delivery timing. When you open a product page at Yiassu.com, look for the “Vendor” button. Click on that and you will see Vendors biography where Shipping & Delivery is clarified.

All shipments (from all vendors for all products at yiassu.com) are always covered by insurance. In this way we make sure that you always receive your order OR you will get a refund.

about yiassu shop online marketplace Cyprus

Fast Delivery

24/7 Customer Support

sell at yiassu shop with reduced fees

Best Prices

Payments Accepted

Acceptable payments at Yiassu.com is PayPal and Credit Cards.

pay securely at yiassu.com shop marketplace

We process payments with advance security protocols.

about yiassu shop online marketplace Cyprus

Shop & Pay with PayPal

about yiassu shop online marketplace Cyprus

Shop & Pay with Credit Card

Buy extraordinary:

From the specific to the unexpected (or custom-made), our products and search tools help buyers explore all the special useful and some times one-of-a-kind items offered by Yiassu.com Vendors.

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Sell extraordinarily:

With low fees, powerful tools, we help creative entrepreneurs start, manage, and scale their businesses. Want to become a Yiassu.com Vendor? All it takes is $0.80 EUR to get started.

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