About Us

Yiassu.com ~ all about us! 


Our  Marketplace motto is short & simple:

“Our job is to connect people and products – opening up a world of endless possibilities!”

Yiassu Shop brings a new way on how Shopping should be done. Safe and secure, with fun, trust and uninterruptible customer service before and after purchase!

Our shop is transparent and ‘personal’, not hidden behind automation’s and auto-responding communication, so when you shop online with Yiassu Shop:

  1. You know our Company and you know how to contact us.
  2. You understand what you are buying.
  3. You know and control what and how you will pay.
  4. It’s clearly mentioned and there’s a commitment on when you will receive your order.
  5. You know your options for refunds and returns.
  6. Products and deliveries are all covered by insurance-guaranty.
  7. You get after sales service.
  8. You have evidence of what you bought and our communication, since everything is done on our platform and copies are available to you.
  9. There is a way to complain and contact us.
  10. You information are safe and secure.
  11. Your privacy is our first priority and so we protect it.

We are a Marketplace, meaning we sell our own products but we also have registered approved Vendors/Sellers advertising and selling through Yiassu Shop. All transactions, communications, customer service, shipping etc are done by our company Yiassu Shop Ltd, so we are behind anything being sold at our Market. In this way, you always know who to call – email – reach – talk – complain (hope not)!

With Yiassu Shop you get:

  • Immediate communication, whenever is needed!
  • Unbeatable 24h customer support from humans and not bots!
  • BEST delivery rates!
  • You may shop as a ‘Guest’ (without registering to Yiassu.com Shop ) or you may choose to open up a ‘Buyers’ account!
  • If you choose to open a Customer account with us, then you can have access to a unique dashboard where all your purchases are logged in and from where you can update your personal information, raise questions about products etc etc.
  • Superb and unique products within the following categories, revealed first to you:  “For Him”, “For Her”, “For The House”, “For Children”, “For The Car”, “Handmade”, “Fashion”, “Sound Systems”, “Hookah & Accessories”, “Custom Made” & “Mosaic Lights”!
  • You will receive ideas for useful Gifts for any occasion, directly into your inbox!
  • Awesome weekly newsletters that not only notify you for new products but also that provides special discount coupons!
  • and much… much more!

We bring a new, secure, trustworthy and fresh way on how shopping should be done! Fast, easy, in a modern way and with lots of fun! Above all, we provide 24/7 customer service! With a REAL phone number and REAL people waiting to talk to you! 🧡

Cyprus customers: Delivery takes 2 working days (unless if written otherwise on each of the product description). Payments accepted are (i) PayPal (ii) Credit Card & (iii) COD (cash on delivery)!
For our International customers: Delivery takes about 7-10 working days (unless if written otherwise on each the product description). Payments accepted are (i) PayPal & (ii) Credit Cards.


So… are you a Seller / Vendor ? Do you own a store or website or selling your products at Facebook or other social media? Are you eager in finding a way to reach a bigger customer base to expose/advertise/sell your products? Are you looking for a platform to sell your products that has a “personality” and not a commercial look? Look no more! Yiassu.com Marketplace is the best place to advertise and sell your products. Yiassu.com Shop uses the latest digital technology software’s that not only provide an amazing experience to our customers, but it also enables our Sellers to (i) have access to amazing online features (ii) have full control of their online shop/products/payments etc.


Yiassu Marketplace ~ The place where you can buy anything anytime anywhere!


Below is a brief description of the Sellers Dashboard features offered at Yiassu.com Shop :

  • A state of the art dashboard where you can monitor products, sales, revenue, customers messages and reviews!
  • Maintain your own shop, under your own rules, your own name!
  • Ability to export order details in CSV format!
  • Add/edit products!
  • Add coupons for products!
  • Get instant notifications for new orders!
  • Get paid via PayPal & Credit card on all your sales!
  • See reports on all your products, revenue-reviews-traffic etc!
  • Choose how you want to be paid by Yiassu, for your sales, with Bank Transfer – PayPal etc, right from your Sellers dashboard!
  • Can setup shipping method for all your products!
  • Clone/duplicate products!
  • And much, much more!

About  our Marketplace:  Driven by smart technology, everything we do is designed to put the power directly in your hands – giving you the freedom to shop however, whenever and wherever you like.


We’re already trusted by many, because we are transparent, ethical and highly committed in providing the best customer service & experience!


About our Marketplace:  With Yiassu.com Shop you’ll always be getting a good deal – with exceptional service that makes your shopping experience as easy and seamless as possible!


If there’s is anything you would like to recommend to us in order to improve the services we provide, we will be delighted if you contact us and let us know what you think! We will really appreciate that!

At all times, please note that we care and we strive for your Privacy!

Thank you for being here!