About Us

Hello and welcome to Yiassu.com the “Gift Shop” Marketplace!


About our  Marketplace (“Gift Shop”)  as we like to call it) ~ Our job is to connect people and products – opening up a world of endless possibilities! ~


Our shop was ‘conceived’ as early as 2017 in Dubai and then it opened online in April 2018 and in May 2018… the brick and mortar shop opened up in Cyprus! From Cyprus… we serve the world!

Yiassu.com purpose is genuine! Let us explain that…  We’ve been consumers for… 20+ years so we know a thing or two of what a consumer wants and what a Marketplace should offer! That is: transactions safety, easiness, immediate and P2P (person to person) customer service, fast delivery, and useful products that can be used in our daily lives! So, we thought… since we cannot find these prerequisites in any online market (moreover in our area – Europe/Middle East) why don’t we produce and offer them!? That is the genuine purpose of Yiassu.com! We take pride not to be just an online shop… that delivers in 45+ days and has nonexistent customer service!

We target to be Europe’s and Middle East shopping destination! Yes, ok, we might be having only 700+ product variations still (as of Jan’2019) but we are growing steadily and fast! We bring a new and fresh way on how shopping should be done! Fast, easy, in a modern way and with lots of fun! Above all, we provide 24/7 customer service! With a REAL phone number and real people waiting to talk to you! 🧡

We sell the highest quality possible items at the lowest price in the market! How we do that? Well, for our self-import products: we buy wholesale and are keeping our profit margin to the minimum! For our Vendors: we insist and stress the fact that quality and quantity is better than fast profit; hence we only allow them to sell the best at cheap prices and therefore benefit from long term sales!

For our Cyprus customers: We offer FREE delivery (for orders above 20euro)! In addition, you can choose to pay via PayPal or Credit Card or by COD (cash on delivery)!
For our International customers: We deliver (express delivery) in less than week, with a small fee! ☘️ Payments accepted are PayPal and Credit Cards.

Yiassu.com own products are self-imported directly from the manufacturers! We import from so many countries; such as the beautiful Dubai, Greece, Germany, Singapore, Korea, China, and soon Hungary among other countries!

We try to sell only the best at attractive prices which in most cases are the cheapest in the market!

So, you might now be wondering how we did the last… 8 months we are opened? Well, since we do believe in transparency… here’s our status and numbers so far:

➡️ 700+ product variations now exist online and more added almost daily.
➡️ 5 Vendors/Sellers applied, registered and approved to sell at the marketplace so far! More applications are currently being evaluated.
➡️ 400+ Orders fulfilled so far!
➡️ 7 countries are totaling Yiassu.com successful 200+ deliveries: Cyprus, Greece, Australia, Mauritious, UK, India, Dubai!
➡️ The “We Donate” initiative was created, implemented and it’s right on track. More can be read here: https://www.yiassu.com/yiassu-donations/
➡️ Yiassu.com was recently migrated from a Share Web Hosting to Cloud Hosting. That gives our shop many many more advantages! Most important being… Transactions & Data Security and lightning fast browsing capabilities! In simple worlds that means: (i) ours and customers private data AND any transactions occurring at our Marketplace are super safe and (ii) browsing and exploring Yiassu.com online now, is FAST hence customers can have the best shopping experience ever when they visit us online!

Not bad for an 8 months “baby” shop, right?


So… if you are a Seller (in other words, if you own a shop and/or you are a retailer) and looking for a unique and modern Marketplace  (or “Gift Shop” as we like to call it sometimes) to expose/advertise/sell your products then look no more! Yiassu.com Marketplace is the best place to show and sell your products. Yiassu.com uses the latest digital technology software’s that not only provide an amazing experience to our customers, but it also enables our Sellers to (i) have access to amazing online features (ii) have full control of their online shop/products/payments etc.


About Yiassu Marketplace ~ About our Gift shop


Below is a glimpse of the Sellers Dashboard features offered at Yiassu.com:


  • A state of the art dashboard where Sellers can monitor all their products, sales, revenue, customers messages and reviews! For this reason and not only, yiassu.com is visited by thousands of people on daily basis! So, whether you are a corporation or a small business, Yiassu.com is the place where your products will get the chance to be displayed in an amazing way and be exposed to thousands of potential customers!
  • Maintain your own shop, under your own name. telephone number, address!
  • Export order details (all of Sellers products’ orders / for a particular product) in CSV format!
  • Add/edit products!
  • Add coupons for products!
  • Get instant notifications for new orders!
  • Get paid via PayPal – Credit card or COD on all your sales!
  • See reports on all your products, revenue-reviews-traffic etc!
  • Choose how you want to be paid for your sales, with Bank Transfer – PayPal etc, right from your Sellers dashboard!
  • Can setup shipping method for all your products!
  • Can clone another vendors product!
  • And much, much more!


If you are a Buyer (in other words, if you are not selling but you usually buy online or in-store) then we ensure you Yiassu.com will charm you away! We are committed in having happy customers and for this reason we go over and above in customer service and customer well being! Your happiness, privacy,  interests and benefit is our number one priority!


Below is a glimpse of what we offer for our Buyers:


  • Immediate communication, whenever is needed!
  • Unbeatable 24h customer support!
  • BEST delivery rates!
  • You may shop as a ‘Guest’ (without registering to Yiassu.com) or you may choose to open up a ‘Buyers’ account!
  • If you choose to open an account with us, then you can have access to a unique dashboard where all your purchases are logged in and from where you can update your personal information, raise questions about products etc etc.
  • Superb and unique products within the following categories, revealed first to you:  “For Him”, “For Her”, “For The House”, “For Children”, “For The Car”, “Handmade”, “Fashion”, “Sound Systems”, “Hookah & Accessories”, “Custom Made” & “Mosaic Lights”!
  • You will receive ideas for Gifts for any occasion, directly into your mail inbox!
  • Awesome weekly newsletters that not only notify you for new products but also that provides special discount coupons!
  • and much… much more!

About our “Gift Shop” Marketplace:  Driven by smart technology, everything we do is designed to put the power directly in your hands – giving you the freedom to shop however, whenever and wherever you like.


We’re already trusted by many, because we are transparent ethical and highly committed in providing the best customer & seller experience!


About our “Gift Shop” Marketplace:  With Yiassu.com you’ll always be getting a good deal – with exceptional service that makes your shopping experience as easy and seamless as possible!


If there’s is anything you would like to recommend to us in order to improve the services we provide, we will be delighted if you contact us and let us know what you think! We will really appreciate that!

At all times, please note that we care and we strive for your Privacy!

Last but not least, we would like to share with you our intention and commitment for Donations. Starting from September 2018, our shop will be donating the 5% of each Online or at the store sale. Help us to make a difference!

That’s all! You can start your shopping at Yiassu.com by visiting our Market, where we keep all our products at one page! You may choose to scroll find and shop anything you want OR you may choose to shop by Category!

Thank you for being here!

Enjoy shopping!